Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 12... finally!

I know I promised to share Week 12 last week but as usuall life has gotten in the way.  I was really keen to share this week because as you can see there is only TWO photos.  It wasn't until I got to Sunday of that week that I realised I had not taken one photo, yep, not one which can I just say is very rare for me.  I very quickly snapped off two photos on the Sunday.

As I sat in my craft room on that Sunday night I as very worried as to how I was going to document our week.
You may remember a few months back one of our label crew projects was a 2012 note book.  I have been using that notebook to jot down notes etc for each week just so I don't forget stuff (forgetting stuff is a very regular thing for me).  I started flicking through my little notebook and realised that I had a heap of stuff to document our week it just wasn't going to include photos.

 here is the left hand side.  I used some digital stuff here from "kitty designs" called "Picture This" which I purchased over at Oscraps.   I Loved the polaroid frames and the iphone which was just perfect for recording a text message.

Here is the right hand side that includes my only two photos for a whole week.
It also includes a picture that my son drew to try explain what happens to his eyes when he reads.  Shortly after that he got glasses.

I included other bits like an envelope from sweetwater where I get my label crew stuff, itunes card and some journal cards embellished.

When I stood back at looked at week 12 I was actually really happy with it.  Each time I look at it I grow fonder of it and I think its because of all the words, its a nice change from lots photo's.

If you are doing project life... how is it all going.
Love me :-)


Linda said...

Mine is going fine thanks, I have made it easier on myself-not so much embellishing.
I will have to remember these tips for when I don't have any photos.

dawn said...

I love seeing this week of yours, good for you having these notes down and could add them in. Sometimes paper weeks are my actually favorite kinds. I think it came out great, love that you are still going strong on this. KEEP IT UP!!!!