Monday, April 2, 2012

little bits of happiness...

Little bits of happiness...

enjoyed a wonderful (early) Easter picnic on Saturday with some dear friends, down by the river with our beautiful city in the background.  It was so nice to chat with friends and share yummy food, a lovely glass of white (okay maybe it was more than one and maybe there was some champaigne as well), and a beautiful setting.

I loved seeing the kids play cricket, climb trees, ride their scooters and yes annoy the girls (my daughter being the only took some friends along for some back up).  I loved that they were happy.

The weather is starting to cool now, the afternoons have got that cool nip about them and I love that.  It means that snuggling weather is on its way, my favourite time of the year.

Its only a few days now till Easter which means I can eat as many hot cross buns as I like (I only allow myself the four days of Easter to eat them cause otherwise I would them for months before and that would not be good, no amount of Zumba could burn off tht many calories)

School holidays are nearly here,  can't wait.

Sweet dreams, love me :-)


Jill said...

Such a beautiful view~ how nice to live near the coast. Sounds like you had a perfect day with friends and family. I love days like that!

Linda said...

Great photo, sounds like a perfect arvo.

dawn said...

This is gorgeous, how nice to live by this. Sounds like a great day for all. Laughing at your eating hot cross buns, enjoy them!!

So cool that your fall is coming and we are enjoying the spring. Wish the warm weather would come back to us, has been chilly again lately.