Thursday, March 15, 2012

check out these handsome fellas...

I don't really like having my photo taken, not keen on it at all. But over the years I have realised that if I don't make a point of having photo's taken of me then it looks like I wasn't even there.
I remember sorting out photo's from one of our holidays a few years back and realised that I was not in one single photo.  If you didn't know any better you would have thought that I didn't go on the holiday.
The funny this is though the more you get in the photo's the more you get used to seeing yourself in them.
Its always nice though if you can find a really nice spot to have your photo taken, where the light is good, the background is good and of course one where you look okay...
How lucky was I to get my photo taken with these lovely fella's...

What a cool wall!  This is on a wall outside a surf shop in Dreamworld and behind me, written on the wall it says "stand here".  So anyone who know's me knows that I just had to go and "stand here" and have my photo taken.  I totally love the photo.  Just love it.

Also at Dreamworld we came across this poster and Josh immediately wanted his photo taken.  As I was about to take the photo he put his head through and said "hey I can be wanted in 3D".  I thought that was pretty clever.

This photo was so funny.  The feet are already there (her fee are no where near that big LOL) you just have to put your head and arms through.  Cool hey!

... and how lucky were my kids, they got to meet and have their photo taken with the hosts of a kids TV show here in Australia called "Toasted TV".  The show is actually filmed at Dreamworld so we were really lucky.

Thanks for putting up with more of my holiday photo's but these were just really cool and I wanted to share them. FYI these photo's were all taken on my iphone (yep still loving it).
Yah TGIF tomorrow, yippeeeeeee! the weekend is nearly here.

If you are coming to my Tea Party class tomorrow at Tomorrow's Memories I will see you then, can't wait to see you all and enjoy some tea and scones.  It's one of my favourite days in the Month.

Love me :-)


Linda said...

Not fed up yet. Those photos are great. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Hope your class went well.

dawn said...

I love these photos, how fun they are. I almost didn't see you in the first one next to all those hunky boys, haha. great shot!!

I embraced the camera more after doing Ali's WITL two years ago and now taking self timer photos also helps me. Want my kids to know that I was there having fun also.

Tracey we could never get tired of your vacation pictures, love them and want to see them all.

HOORAY FOR TGIF!! Have a nice relaxing weekend.