Saturday, March 17, 2012

12 photo's on the 12th... March

You would think that after taking soooo many photos on my holiday, that the last thing I would want to do is take more photos.  Yes and No. 

I love taking photos and I love documenting our everyday so I decided to take on the challenge but kept it very small.  I actually only took 12 photos.  It turned out I was a bit tired of taking photos but I did it.  I used my iphone (we all know how much I love that thing) and I took instagram photos (cause I love them so much).

I stuck to a very easy grid style layout and I used "dear lizzy" paper from american crafts... and you know how insanely in love I am with the new "dear lizzy" line.  So here is my 12 Photos on the 12th...

If you want to get your hands on some of this sweetness, Tomorrow's Memories has lots of it but you better be quick they were walking out the door yesterday.  LOL most of it coming home with me!

Also check out Tomorrow's Memories Blog for your chance to win a great prize of Dear Lizzy goodness (I am not happy I can't enter boo hoo), all you have to do is like them on facebook.  It couldn't be easier.

On another note:  would you believe that I am home alone.  Well at least I will be by 4pm today.  HUGE HAPPY DANCE GOING ON HERE.  Don't get me wrong I totally love my family but every now and then a little "me" time is wanted and much deserved.  My Hubby and son have gone away for the weekend and my daughter is having a sleepover at her friends house tonight.   Wahooooooo can you here by shouting.  I am planning on doing heaps of crafting and can't wait to share it with you.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.
love me :-)

Going off to continue my happy dance...


dawn said...

WOW Tracey, this is so gorgeous!! Your banners so sweet, hearts, the colors my goodness all of it is sweet!! How awesome that you did this just after vacation. You are SUPERWOMAN!!


I think you do need some "ME" time after that long vacation. How fun for you and us when you share all your projects with us.

Did I mention how stinkin cute and adorable and lovely your layout was!!

Linda said...

Oh big big happy dance, your LO looks wonderful. Happy crafting.