Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life... week 6

Project Life week 6 - can I just say that I can't believe that we are almost at the end of week 7, what has happened to the year.

Here are my PL for week 6.  As you already know things are totally crazy busy at the moment so I had to do something that was quick but still included all the things that I like to include

Here is a brief look at the pages together.  I have an empty spot... when I got all my photo's home from the developer I realised that I forgot to print one of the photo's off... no orries I will just get it printed next week.

I kept this week very simple, so simple that it only took me about 1hr in total to choose my photo's and then put them all together in photoshop.  Most of this week is digital and I must say made it very easy to do.
I got some digital templates from Cathy Zielske which I highly recommend.  I got these and these.

This page is completely digital except for the pocket holding movie tickets.

This is one of the templates that I used... I took screen shots from my Iphone of details from my walk, the app I use is iMapMyWalk and it gives you heaps of details like a map of where you walked, distance, time start and finish etc. and then put it all together with a photo of Lucy & My shadow while out walking.

This is another example of the templates, these are the 3 x 4 and they are a great way to add heaps of photo's and still add journalling.
As I said earlier this way of documenting week 6 was easy, very easy and I will definately be doing this again when things are just way too busy.
Even if you are not really into digital scrapbooking these little templates are a breeze to use and are perfect for the PL page protectors.
There were two inserts this week, my 12 on the 12 layout that I posted about a few days ago and this one which was the instagram collage that I did a few posts back.  Turned it into a layout.

Used my stamps from Ali Edwards which made the title and embellishing very easy.

I turned the collage piece into a pocket and then added the journalling about our day.  Again this was a super quick and easy way to document a whole day.  Love it.

Yay! its Friday, time to kick back a little after a very hectic week.  Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Love me:-)


suzitee said...

Awesome awesome awesome! Love all the digi elements...I am really going to get myself organised with digi, it looks awesome on your pages! Love that you can journal onto your photos. Life is crazy busy at the moment...thank goodness it's Friday!

dawn said...

I love love these pages, your little touches always make me smile. So many different parts of your week is shown here and I love that. Even when you keep it simple it's amazing!!

I have a new computer and am learning how to use it. I've missed your blog and thank you for your comments and support while mine was down. It totally crashed was not pretty at all, went down right in front of me, total blackness. NOPE NOT PRETTY!! We just got a new one but I'm still a little scared to use it so breaking it in slowly.
Hoping to post pics if I can this weekend and will send you an email.
Have a nice relaxing weekend!1

Linda said...

Loving this Tracey and I will have to purchase the 3x4 templates. It's great that Josh still has the enthusiasm to play, fingers crossed or next week.

Patrice said...

Love that last layout!!!

Leena said...

Wonderful spread of your PL Tracey! And I love how you turned the Instagram into a layout! :)