Wednesday, February 22, 2012

finally done...

I can finally say that I am up to date on my quilt... well one of my quilts anyway.

I have been stitching away madly over the past two weeks desperately trying to get up to date as I was way, way behind.  This is my very first quilt (A Family Gathering by Anni Downs) that I am attempting and now that all my blocks are stitched all I have left to do is sew on the boarders, fabric strips and some more boarders and then its time to quilt.

Ooooooooo I am getting so excited now, my first quilt is coming together and I can see a finished quilt (in my head anyway).
Here are my last blocks...

Dads Shed - October

Grandparents - November

Tea Party - December

Cousins - January

and last by not least... Family Holiday - February.

I am putting needle and thread down now, fingers need serious resting and I can go without those nasty needle pricks for awhile.
Thanks for all you inspiring comments about my quilting, this new creative venture that I am on is very new and at times very challenging, but reading your lovely comments just keeps me going.
Sweet dreams...
Love me :-)


Jill said...

Your blocks are wonderful! That caravan block is definitely my fave~ so adorable!

I'm lovin' watching the progress on these quilts that you and Susan are stitching. I may get brave and try my hand at quilting one of these days. It looks so fun! (Except the sore fingers~ hope yours are on the mend!)


dawn said...

I love this and am soooo happy you shared it with us. Love all of it, sooo dang cute. Would love to do that and quilt some of this cuteness also.

Rest your poor fingers, you did great and deserve a break.

Linda said...

Yahoo yippee well done. That caravan one is my favourite. They are all looking so good.