Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Its a wrap...

 It was my dear friend Rosemary's birthday on the weekend and we went out for Hight Tea on Saturday to help her celebrate.  I had never been to High Tea before and I definately recommend going.  It was beautiful and very enjoyable.
I decided that I would try and put a bit of an extra effort into the grift wrapping (I have pinned so much of it on Pinterest).  My friend just loves paper doilies so that made it so much easier.  I also decided that I would try and match the gift wrapping with the card.
I stamped out her name and then cut the letters out and stuck them to the front of the present.  Added some flowers and string and there you have it.  I was thrilled at how it turned out and she was thrilled too.  I didn't think she was going to open it there for awhile LOL but she did. 
Wrapping a present like this was heaps of fun so I think I will try more of it in future.
Love me :-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the cutest pincushion ever...

Last Friday night the "3 of Us" (Linda, Susan & myself) got together for a monthly "label crew" craft night.  I was so excited to do this little project cause its just sooooooo cute.
 Who wouldn't love a pincushion that looked like this...
 and the labels were just so cute as well...
 so now I have my very own pincushion with my name on it... cute hey!
Now this little house proudly sits on my desk... cute I tell you, just cute.

Oh and on another note - out official time for the City to Surf was 1:46:43 wahoooooooo!
Sorry but I couldn't help myself...
Love me :-)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

wahoooooo! I made it.

 its race day and I was ready... well as ready as I was ever going to be. 
I had my number bib and my timing chip ready to go so there was nothing else left to do but begin.
Kris and I started with a good pace, actually it was a very good pace.
We discussed how long we thought it was going to take to do the 12km course, so we figured somewhere between 2 to 2.5 hours but we thought it would be closer to 2.5 hours.
But after we did the first 3kms in half and hour we got a wee bit excited... maybe we could do this thing under 2 hours?  Surely not but what the hec... lets give this baby a whirl.  So we kept up our grueling pace (don't you love the work grueling.. it makes it sound so much more dramatic don't you think) and surged ahead.
The hills were a tough challenge but Kris said the only way she could make hills was to jog up them... so jog we did.
With the finish line in sight we figured we had one more little jog inside of us so we jogged on up the the finish line with a "high 5" to each other.
Wahoooooooooooooo. We did it and under 2 hours
(okay this time is to be confirmed and we will be totally crushed if its outside the 2 hours)
Love it, loved every minute of it.  Thanks for a great time Kris, you were the bestest walking buddy.
Love me :-)
Note:  Everything hurts... my eyelashes don't but everything else definately does.
You know what they say no pain, no gain.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Life update...

 How nice and full does my Project Life album look.  I love it.  I will definately need another album as I cannot really fit much more in this one but I am totally okay with that.  I am just so happy at the way this album is coming together and the amount of stories that are being recorded.  As I have always said scrapbooking for me has always been about the story/journalling then the photo's and then the other stuff.
Week 8 August to 14 August...

 I think I have said it many times before, besides the stories I am telling its all the other things that I can put in this album like this drawing that my son did at school.  The drawing was  much bigger than the album but most of the drawing was background so I cut it down (8.5" x 11") just to include the main part of the drawing.  I am not letting little things like the size of something get in my way of telling our story.  If I have to cut it down or fold it up then I will.  Keeping this thing simple is my best advice.
On this page I have included a sign that my son make for his bedroom door.  We had friends coming over and he had set up board games in his room and turned it into a games room.  I really love that I can add these special touches.  This is one of those things that I had to fold up to make fit, and it fits just fine.
15 August to 21 August
this time I added in another layout and a big photo.

In one of my last posts I included a photo of my daughter walking down to the horses.  I really like this photo so decided to get in enlarged to 8.5" x 11" to include in my album.  I love how the big photo looks in the album... I think I might do this again.
Because we had so much fun this day, horse riding I decided to include lots of photo's along with the layout and enlarged photo.  I am not so worried about getting a photo a day but more focused on our real life stories.
When I was doing this week I still had a story that I wanted to tell about my son being sick and him telling me that he needed Vitamin C tablets.  It was a story that I really wanted to record but didn't have any pockets left so I just got the story down on a tag and attached it to the title card.  I think if works perfectly.
When my son was sick last week I had to go to work so my wonderful Mum came over to look after him.  I love it when she looks after the kids when they are sick because she leaves me notes about how they went, what they ate, when the had medicine etc etc.  This time I have kept the note and added it into my album.  Not only is it an important piece of our family story but now I have a piece of my mum (her handwriting) in the album.  What a wonderful piece of our history.
My daughter loves horseriding so I wanted to focus a little more this week on her and her story.  Including a layout was the perfect way to do this.
I just can't say it enough,  I love this album, I love everything about it.
full of Wonderful stories,
wonderful photo's
and wonderful memories.
Have a wonderful day ful of wonderful, amazing stuff.
Love me :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

seriously wasting time...

first pinned by Jane  on pinterest
I have so much going on at the moment that I should be devoting time to them...
but what am I doing instead...
I can't stop, I love it.
and when I saw this I just knew I had to share it.
Back to more pinning LOL
love me :-)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

While the sun was out...

 It was such a beautiful day today... the sun was out, the birds were singing and Josh was starting to feel better.  After doing the usual rush around Saturday thing, we headed off for some much needed time outside.  We have some lovely friends who let Alex come up (when she can) and go horse riding and that is what was on the agenda for today.  It was so nice to just sit in the sun, chat with friends and watch the kids enjoy the afternoon.

 This photo of my daughter walking down to the horses is my favourite photo of the day...

and here is my daughter, totally in her element.
We didn't leave until about 6.30.  Alex was off to have a sleep over while Josh and I headed off to IGA to get some lolly snakes and chocolate M&Ms to enjoy during our DVD night watching RIO.  It was kinda nice just me & Josh and I am so glad he is starting to feel better.  I think getting outside was the secret ingredient to getting better.
What did you do today, hope it was fun what ever it was.
Love me :-)

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Cardmakers Tea Party - August

Today was my first time back at Teaching for nearly a year.  I was a little nervous but excited at the same time.  What I wasn't planning on was being up all night last night with my son who was sick, but the ladies understood and we enjoyed a lovely couple of hours making cards and treating ourselves to tea and scones.  At all our Tea Party card classes freshly cooked, homemade scones are served with a lovely hot cuppa... no I don't make the scones - cooking is not really my thing LOL.
and heres what we made...

and here's some cute little closeups of our cards...

It was so nice to be back teaching... didn't really realise how much I missed it.
I loved catching up with some old friends and meeting some new ones.
If you live in Perth and would like to join me at our next Card Makers Tea Party Class,
please contact Tomorrows Memories on 9279 2183.
The next class will be on Friday, 23 September 2011 at 10am
You will need to be quick though, there are only a few places left.
Off now to cuddle my son and try and make him feel better.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The old fashion way...

found here and here
Found this today on Pinterest.
What a powerful statement.
Getting letters and parcels in the post is way more exciting that opening an email.
Send someone something nice in the post today...
you know, the old fashion way
and make their day.
Love me :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

and so the catchup begins...

Finally got around to getting some photo's printed... 79 to be exact.  The sad thing about that is that I still need to print off more photo's to get caught up, but I thought 79 was good enough to get a start on it.
So catchup Project Life here I come... well a few pages at least.
Love me :-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finally registered...

Well after many years of saying "i am going to do that" 
I have finally done it. 
I have registered to take part in this years City Surf. 

Its something that I have wanted to do for some time, something to challenge me and to help burn off those nasty kilo's. 
and who will I be doing it will... my partner in crime from last Friday night,
the lovely Kris.
Oh and just so that you know...
we are definately NOT doing the 42km marathon,
nor are we doing the 21km half marathon,
but we will be doing the 12km walk.
Maybe next year we can do the marathon... okay seriously LMAO right now.
Love me :-)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Laughed and then laughed some more...

I was only just saying a few posts ago,
how I was keen for school to go back so that routine could begin again. 
Yes, I do remember saying those exact words but I would like to take them back now thanks.
Along with routine comes a crazy crazy life and I for one am exhausted. 
But on a brighter note...
I worked the Moonlight Scrap at Tomorrow's Memories on Friday night with the lovely Kris.
however you could hardly call it work, (but if Vicki or Jo are reading this we worked like trojans)
I laughed, laughed again and then laughed some more.
And then started laughing all over again.
It was a great night of scrapping (not us cause we were working really hard remember), laughing, chatting and then laughing some more.
To all those wonderful customers from Friday night thanks for a huge fun night.
Love me :-)
Note:  the above photo was a set up for the bosses... no really, it was, we worked hard.
Oh and for Meredith - my husband bought a new torch on Saturday.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home is where families gather...

 As promised here is my next block in my "family gathering" quilt.  This is the block called "family tree" although I have done something different...
 a few hearts with some cute words...
 some lovely words (from the book "a family gathering")...
and I love it.  I am just so thrilled at how it turned out and its given me another idea for a cute quilt.  But I will have to give it a little more thought. 
Don't you just love it when an idea in your head comes out just as you dreamed it would.  Oooooo yes love it. Again can't you feel the excitement... just pretend.
Love me :-)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

whats going on...

Well routine is starting to set back in and although I have found that routine suits me better, the rush and busy-e-ness of it all does not.  It seems that most nights I am out now during the week and I am finding this a bit hard but slowly, very slowly I am adjusting.              
I am finding it hard to find time to catchup on Project Life, I am now 6 weeks behind and can honestly say that the stress is starting to set in.  This project is not meant to be stressful but its getting away from me and I don't like that.  So to make me feel better I decided to share some of our week so far and hopefully that will inspire me to get into.
 Yesterday the builders finally came around to fix ceiling that was damaged in a very bad storm back in March last year... yes, last year.  But all is good now, ceiling just needs to be painted oh and there is dust everywhere.
 Lucy has another bed, a kennel outside and we had put in an old bean bag but found an old pillow that my husband thought she might like better.  I think you can tell that she was not happy with the new (old) pillow.  Yes the bean bag in back in and she is much happier.  And the precious thing has  a coat now OMG!
 tonight I helped out at cubs, they did a hike from their cub hall to MacDonalds.  They had to study the map, figure out a route and off we went.  It was very cold but heaps of fun.
 tonight is Census night in Australia so after cubs and I sat down and filled out the census online.  Heaps easier online, didn't take anywhere near as long as writing it all down.
 my poor project life album, it is staring at me empty and begging to be filled.  My mission this week is to get back into it.
but I have to admit that this is the reason I am not doing anything else but stitching.  After my little stitching binge last week and have become all excited again about my quilt.  This is my "family tree" block which I desgined differently.  I am so excited, its almost finished.  Hope to share in the next few days.
Oooooooooooooooo I can feel the excitement, can't you.
Okay maybe you can't but just pretend you can, ta.
Love me :-)