Saturday, October 22, 2011

Will I or won't I...

 I have been doing a December Daily for many years now but this year I had decided that I would not do one.  It was a hard decision but as I am doing project life I didn't see the need to a DD.  My main thought was that I would be covering the same stuff and my life is way too busy as it is without adding more stuff LOL.
But today I was moving stuff around my craft room (as I do often... it makes me feel like I am cleaning it up) when I came across my DD for 2010.  I couldn't help myself, I sat down and starting reading, and kept on reading and before I knew I had read the whole album.  I held the album tight, so thankful that I had recorded such special memories.  No they weren't big moments just everyday stuff, every day stuff that I never want to forget...
 Like my love for advent calandars and that I kept all the clues from our advent calandar that I made for the tree where the kids had to either guess what the treat was or follows clues to find them...
 like recording my feelings about my daughter and her first year at highschool - I actually cried when I read this today...
shopping receipts and how I had gone to the supermarket everyday for a week and why I didn't do our normal weekly shop.
So as I sat in my chair, clutching my DD, my eyes filled with happy tears and my heart so happy.  What an amazing collection of stories, photo's and memories of just 25 days of our lives.
... so project life or not I will definately be doing a DD this year.
(will post some notes tomorrow on how I am going to tackle it this year)
Love me :-)


Linda said...

Oh goody i love seeing your DD.

Jill said...

How wonderful to look back on sweet memories... and so beautifully recorded. Your DD is super special... I know that this year's will be too!
ps... love how you "clean" your craft room! I use the same technique! Needless to say, it's an endless chore!n

dawn said...

oh you are so sweet and funny, guess what I was doing today???

yep, sitting on the couch and holding my DD from last year, the only one I've done. It has so many memories that I'd forgotten and it made me smile and cry. Even my one daughter looked with me and said MOM YOU HAVE TO DO THIS AGAIN!!

I remember being burned out by the 20th and even my last page didn't glow like the others. I had my album made up ahead of time which did help. It was the every night printing, cropping and story telling then uploading that wore me out.

The two sweetest things for that month was we had just gotten a puppy and it was fun to see him grow and love us, the very best was my oldest coming home UNANNOUNCED and surprising the heck out of us. THis made the album even more special.

It's nice to know your having the same dilemma as me. That's why I might just do a 12 days of Christmas or only doing one story/picture a day.

I'm sending you an email with more thoughts on this.

p.s. I have to say all the eye candy on Ali's blog really makes me want to go crazy on my DD though.
I LOVE LOVE your DD, sorry I wrote soooo long!!

suzitee said...

Yeah...I think you have to do it. DD is such a special memento, and I'm not sure that your PL would capture everything that a DD would. That being said...SUCH a busy time of year! Good luck!