Sunday, October 30, 2011

Easy cake banner...

A dear friend of ours celebrated his 45th birthday on Friday and his lovely wife asked if I could make a banner for his birthday cake.  She liked the one I did for my son's birthday last week so here's what I came up with.

nice and simple but it looked just perfect on top of a very yummy baked lemon cheesecake.
This is such an easy way to decorate a cake.  Just cut out some triangles, embellish them as you like - I used my slice to cut out the letters and then stitch them together.  When I attach my flags to the skewers I used craft glue to hold them in place (this stops them from slipping up and down) and then I add some stitching.

So with banners in mind I set about to make the birthday boy a card.  I used sketch #129 from Unscripted Sketches (no need to re-invent the wheel now is there) which made the job so easy.

Its the perfect day here in Perth but as I have been creating way too much and cleaning way too little, off the clean I go.
Have a great Sunday
Love me :-)


suzitee said...

Cake banners look so effective, don't they? Just watch those candles :)
Too many pollens floating around in the air for me today...looks like I'll be staying inside again

Linda said...

Lovely lovely lovely. Not enough creating here. I had to give my one and only finished table topper away today so that means i am now three behind, really need to get my but into gear.

dawn said...

I love the banner, you are so good at making these. My son turns 10 in 12 more days so maybe I will give it a try. The card came out great too.

Glad you have some nice weather to enjoy. We are in the 20's this morning and frost on the ground. It looks beautiful though and means winter is coming soon. This is good and not good,lol

Enjoy your Sunday!!

Becky Shander said...

Every detail is perfect. And the spot of red on the card hits just the right note too.

Jill said...

That cake banner is so great-- I love how you stitched those triangles together. So brilliant! That card is wonderful also! I always get hung up when I try to make a card for a man-- that one is so perfect!

Jill said...
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