Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whats your chocolate...

As it is chocolate eating season the big question comes to mind.  What is your chocolate?
There are many brands of chocolate and lets me realistic... some do actually taste better than others.
You see all chocolate is not the same, some definately have the hold on taste where others are just chocolate. In this house we are Cadbury lovers.  No other chocolate makes the grade like cadbury does... except my daughter breaks rank here because she is totally into Lindt chocolate (the red wrapper ones). 
Truth be told my Son couldn't give a toss about what the brand is, he just wants chocolate, lots of it and any kind will do.
So as we approach this calorie, choc munching season...
Whats your chocolate????
Love me :-)


Jill said...

I fell in love with Cadbury chocolates when traveling in the UK back in the 80's and that was it. I didn't know that chocolate could taste so incredible! I love Lindt too~ in every color :)


suzitee said...

Cadbury is my brand....although I probably should say Nestle, huh? LOL.

dawn said...

I don't have much of a sweet tooth but when it hits the chocolate I love is recess peanut butter cups and sometimes a snickers bar. My secret sweet though is a brownies, just plain old Duncan Hines brownie mix about once every 6 weeks and I pretty much eat the whole pan myself. My kids on the other hand will eat candy mostly gum and suckers and smarties are their favorites but they will take any kind of chocolate on the candy holidays.

Olivia said...

Used to be a Cadbury fan too, but prefer Thorntons now. Their Sicilian Lemon Mousse sweets are the best!