Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 Yesterday was the perfect day...

to enjoy the sunshine...
with the people you love...
and enjoy the best of nature and a lovely picnic lunch.
Yesterday we took my Mum and Dad out for the day...
We headed off with no particular plan in mind...
but to enjoy the day and maybe find the odd wildflower or too...
... and of course no picnic would be right if you didn't have your Great Grandmothers hand made tablecloth to set the scene perfectly...
How did you spend yesterday, what ever you did, I hope it was the best day ever.
Love me :-)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home Ec project #4

Finally I have got some sewing done.  This little project "felt bunting" is the 4th project in my Home Ec class.  I know I am a little behind but slow and steady wins the race right...
Although a little tip, don't attempt sewing when you have a nasty cold.  As you can tell by my letter R I kind of got a little off track when sewing.  Oh well you get that at least its finished.  I chose the word "grow" as that is my word for 2010 and I have hung it on my inspiration board.  I think it looks really cool up there.
... this Sunday, 26th September is Market Day again in Old Perth Road, Bassendean.  The first one was a big success so if you have some time on Sunday pop down and take a look.  I couldn't go last time but I am off to check it out this Sunday. 
And Tomorrow's Memories will be open and you can go and crop for free.  So after you have spent some time wandering around the markets you can go and play with your crafty stuff.  Just ring and book your spot.
Well I am off now to go eat and drink my way through the afternnon.  Its Grand Final day here in Australia so at 12 noon today we will all be sitting in front of our TVs cheering on our team.  Personally I will be just enjoying the food and drinks LOL.
Have a grea weekend and its school holidays  wahooooooooo!
love me :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

no paper...

Happy Friday... and wahooooooo! I'm on holiays.
Yes for my son and I we are now officially on school holidays.  My daughter and hubby still have today to go but then we are all on holidays. 
I have decided that today I am going to do housework, yes I know its not my favourite thing but it needs to be done and I have an assistant today to help me (as you can imagine he is thrilled by this announcement).
Last night I tried going digital, digital scrapbooking I mean.  Have wanted to have a go for the longest time but just never got around to it.  Well last night I decided to download a free trial of photoshop elements and then went over the Jessica Sprag and did myself a free class.  I know the class was an easy one but as a first timer I was pretty happy with myself.  It certainly takes away all that mess and was done in just a few minutes.  Don't worry I am certainly not going to leave the paper stuff behind because I love the creative part way too much but this could be a nice alternative when I want to do something quick.  Anyway I have heaps more to learn so we will see how we go.  But I must say I just love all this learning stuff.
Have a great day everyone and for those of you on holidays... WAHOOOOOOOO !!!
love me :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

back on line...

Firstly let me apologise for not blogging much lately... the reason - no computer.  Yes our computer was sick again so this I have taken the bull by the horns and had it upgraded.  So now we have a much faster (wahoooo) and easier to use computer.
Now I want to share this wonderful flower pot tht my son made me at school this year for Mothers Day.  It has been sitting on a shelf being filled with all sorts of stuff (rubbish & junk mainly) and last night I decided it was time to give it the attention it deserves.  So I filled my flower pot with all my lovely buttons (to match the ones Josh had decorated with), stuck in some flowers that I got when we were in Holland several years ago, cleaned a spot on my desk and I love it.

It has brightened up my whole craft room but most importantly it makes me happy and Josh is so happy that it sits on my desk so I can see it everyday.
Gotta love the things that make you happy.
Love me :-)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Words to inspire my week...

There are only two moments in life
too late

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Totally off auto....

The sun was shining and I was sick of being sick so we decided to go for a drive.  I was desperate to practice my photography skills some more so we decided to head off to Kings Park to check out the wildflowers.
OMG! the flowers are amazing and I certainly had some fun practicing.  And I have to admit I am pretty happy with myself.  I spent the entire time that we were our "OFF" Auto...wahoooooooo.
I am so happy with my photo's.  I know they are not perfect but they are perfect enough for me.  I shot most of my photo's on AV, tried TV for a few and even went to manual.  It looks like all those classes have finally paid off.
Because it was such a nice day we decided to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy this beautiful sunshine...

this is by far my absolute favourite photo.  The kids just chillin, playing cricket and having a great time.  I got down real close to the ground (laid on my stomach - and yes it took me a while to get up) and started clicking.  I just love this photo.
I am still not feeling that well but the antibiotics have finally kicked in and it was just too nice a day to be spending it doors.
What did you do today in this beautiful sunshine...
Love me :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

photography practise...

Still not feeling well but have decided to try and get motivated somehow.
Thought I would start my practising my photography and what better subject than our new puppy.
All has been going well although she loves to chew... my couch, retic, jumpers and, well anything she can get her teeth around.
Its all fun though and she is definately putting a smile on our faces...
Rastus (our 16 year old maltese shitsu) is not impressed at all, in fact he isn't talking to anyone.
Do you have any furry friends that make you smile?
have a great night.
love me :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Kit & last class

Yes I am still here, sick but still here.  This last week has been insane (busy) and to top it all off I have been sick.  A cold I think but the thing just won't go away, its been dragging me down but I was just too busy to pull me down all together, although I think today it might have finally beaten me.  Except for the washing... and ironing (which never seems to leave this house) I am just hanging out on the couch.
But I did just want to say hi and show a few things that I have been working on...
A new kit for Tomorrow's Memories...
This was a fun layout and enjoyed doing it.  I found the tags and chipboard buttons were  a bit bright for me so I sanded them back a bit and was happy with the way it turned out.
There is a limited number of these kits so you will need to get into the store quick.
And sadly (very sadly, a huge sad face right now) Friday was my last class at Tomorrow's Memories.
I have so enjoyed my time teaching at TM's and I know I have said it before but our customers really are just amazing.  They are fun to teach and fun to spend time with.  They have made teaching an absolute joy and I am going to miss you all very much.
For the last class we made a gift back filled with matching cards...

Oh, I really feel at a bit of a loss now, I am going to miss you all soooooo much.
And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your creative journey.
Love me :-)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Little bundle of cuteness...

You know I am such a "packaging" girl.  I have been known to pay way more for something just because its got cute packaging.  As some of you may know, I have signed up to do Elizabeth Kartchners new online class.  I paid extra (of course) to get the little kit, and am I glad I did.  Last Friday this little package arrived in the mail.  How cute is this.  At the moment its sitting on my desk because it makes me happy (doesn't appear to take much does it to make me happy LOL), such a cute bundle of cuteness.
and check out the back of the envelope.  Who wouldn't be in a rush to open mail that says "little bundle of cuteness".  Oh it just makes me giddy.  This really was happy mail.
Hope your week has started out well and I hope you get some cuteness this week.
love me :-)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Seeing old friends & Ribbon club

Last night I went to Tomorrow's Memories for a fun scrapping moonlight.  I haven't gone to just play in ages but the best part was catching up with Bec.  Bec is on the DT for TM's but sadly (for us) she moved back to Melbourne a while back.  We still chat, blog, email each other but haven't actually seen her since she left.  She bought her beautful little boy Austin over so that we could meet him.  He is just the sweetest little boy and I did enjoy my cuddle. Last night we were all very lucky to have Bec teach us how to make some very adorable flowers (hopefully will take a photo and post tomorrow).  They were the perfect thing that I needed to embellish a new card set that I was making for my etsy shop.  Sadly she goes back tomorrow, we will miss her so much.

Can you believe that christmas is only months away.  OMG!  I am so not ready to even entertain the idea of christmas.  I am sure we just had christmas... didn't we.
Anyway enough of the complaining... It was my turn to do a project using the "Ribbon Club" ribbons from Tomorrow's Memories.  They were christmassy colours so I thought I would grab some of last years christmas photo's that I hadn't scrapped yet.  It seemed a little weird doing a christmas layout but I guess the reality is, its nearly here.
I wasn't sure about the christmas tree, but a lovely friend convinced me that I was all good.
I even used some of my new phtotography skills to photograp it, actually I was really happy how it turned out, now if I could just remember how I did it.  LOL!
Enjoy your weekend and to all our men folk have a wonderful Fathers Day.
love me :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New venture and tea towels...

Finally I have organised at least one of my new creative ventures.
I have finally opened up my own Etsy Store...
Tracey Holdyk Designs.
I have wanted to do this for some time but there just never seemed to any time.
I only have a few items up for sale but hopefully I will add more soon.
There is a link to my Esty store in the side bar.
And here is project #3 from my Home Ec onlin class.  This was a very fun and easy shopping bag that I made from tea towels.  Yep, tea towels.  I really wanted to get into this online class but really didn't want to spend too much on fabric.  I found some tea towels that I brought about 3 years ago, still in their packaging, hiding in the linen cupboard.  They were the perfect thing to make a shopping bag, just perfect.
I am now in the hunt for cool tea towels LOL.
Hope your week is going good,
love me :-)