Saturday, July 31, 2010

Up Close...

Finally my washing/drying and ironing have finished and I can now start to scrap our wonderful holiday up north. This is the first layout of the holiday, in fact its the first layout that I have done in over a month. It took me awhile to get started being creative again but I think I am back in the creative mode. I had yesterday off so I spent the entire day scrapbooking and generally playing with paper.
I used paint on this layout. I haven't painted in a while (I am a lazy scrapper, I hate getting too much stuff out because then it just means that I have heaps of stuff to put away again when I have finished) but I wanted to do something a little different. I used my slice for the title (love that machine), gauze and I even went into the deep dark depths of my cupboard to find my crimper to I could crimp some paper. Haven't used that thing in ages. I even did some stamping and yes when I finished I had heaps of stuff to put away. I need a little scrap jeanie who just blinks her eyes and the cleanup is done. Oh if only there were such a thing... LOL.
Well I will have no excuse not to scrapbook next week, I have just been down to Harvey Norman (10c prints this weekend) and ordered over 500 photo's. I am exhausted just thinking about it.
Hope you are having a great weekend and doing something nice.
Keep safe.
love me :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Awesome Friday...

A few days ago I mentioned the site "1000 awesome things" which I check daily. It keeps me inspired and makes me look at the good. I decided I would make my own book of awesome things, it will be sort of an art journal, diary, note thing. I think it will take on a life of its own.
Here is my cover...

the first pages...

and here is todays page...
#6 After several weeks of camping, finally a decent latte… Awesome! 23 July 2010
#7 Kicking your shoes off at the end of the day… Awesome! 23 July 2010

#9 Friday, my day off work and I don’t have to go anywhere, I can stay home… AWESOME! 29 July 2010

#8 First day back at work after 3 weeks off, you jump into your car, the radio comes on playing one of your favourite songs “it’s a kind of magic” by Queen. You drive to work with the radio up real high and you sing your lungs out all the way to work… Awesome! 23 July 2010

Hope you have an awesome weekend.
Wahoooooooo! its Friday
love me :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You can always tell when you have had a great holiday.... Laundry, and loads of it.
I have today just finished the last load of laundry from our holiday,
I even got out most of the red dirt.
That girl in the picture, resembles me right now LOL.
Finally free to be creative - AWESOME!
love me :-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

beautiful Karijini

Just wanted to share some pictures fromour amazing holiday. While in Karijini we hiked to some of the beautiful gorges.
The kids loved the hike which we were a bit surprised about. Josh loved the climbing over rocks, through rock pools etc.

We saw some amazing scenery on our way.

And we were rewarded with this... Circular Pool. Beautiful, just stunning but very cold. I did get in and swim but that was only for the picture (being a true scrapper and all). However if you walked around the back of the pool there were heaps of little waterfalls and the water was so warm. Thats us up on the ledge, Myself, Alex, Josh, Madison & Emma and my hubby Colin in the water. We spend ages here it was just so beautiful.
Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.
love me :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010


This is how Karijini said goodbye to us, an amazing sunset to celebrate our last night... Awesome!
When we go away I read loads of mags, several times over and each time I find something new. I never read the editors note however this time I did and learnt about this site "1000 awesome things" from the book "The book of Awesome".
Its a way of looking at the ordinary to discovery they are AWESOME!
I have decided I am going to create my own list over the next few weeks, here are some of my first:-
A long hot shower after several of camping where without good hot showers and no wildlife to join you... Awesome!
Being about to crawl out of bed in the middle of the night and only walk 4 steps to the toilet instead of finding shoes, jacket and torch and walking a 100 meters to the nearest toilet where, without a doubt some other poor soul is having to do the same thing and they say hello to you (i mean who wants to chat at that time of the night all the while showing off my fleecy pjs)... Awesome!
A flushing toilet (instead of the "bush loo")... Awesome!
Any toilet really, there is something not quite right about being in the middle of no where, needing to go badly and there is only one tree to go behind which would be great if you were the size of a 3 three year old... awesome!
Have an AWESOME day
love me :-)
Note: while blogging I noticed on my google search page a story about "life in a day". Its a real documentary of a single day, 24 July where people can submit video images of a single day which will be turned into a movie by Ridley Scott & Kevin McDonald. I don't know about the video thing but I am going to give some thought about documenting a "Life in a day" using photo's, memorabilia etc. Its tomorrow so I don't have much time to think but the idea is fab... Awesome.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back from the journey...

After 20 days on the road and some 5000 kms (and way too much food and wine) we are back from our "Up North 2010" road trip.
What an amazing time we have had...

We enjoyed travelling with our good friends and found some great camping spots...

met these amazing guys...

enjoyed lots of wonderful family time (at times not so wonderful LOL)...

amazing places to stop and enjoy the moment...

saw nature at its best...

a few road hazards...

beautiful beaches...

and human nature helping out mother nature.
We did all this and more and this was only the first half.
But I have a little story to share...
Towards the end of our holiday we were at Karijini National Park. We stayed at the Eco Retreat (which sounds impressive but actually means - we are here to save the environment so we had to bring our own everything) which was great. There were showers but they were only hot water showers if there was sun and wouldn't know it while we were there it was very cloudy so we only had cold to luke warm showers. So after 3 days of roughing it (meaning no showers, well not hot ones and not very long so you didn't really get to clean much) you could say that I wasn't going to take out any model of the year competition. To say that I was on a bad hair day was an understatement. But not to let it get me down I still ventured off for the day to go hiking in the gorges. On our way back there was an RFDS van doing some promotional work and working on the van was this man. I was going to go over and check it out when I realised that this "man" was actually an old boyfriend. So as I had not showered in 3 days and was on bad hair day #3 I chose to pull my had down further over my face and quickly walk off to the car. I was so happy that I managed to avoid a somewhat embarrasing moment.
The next day was our last in Karijini and before leaving the national park we stopped at the visitors centre to blow the tyres back up. Well we are on day 4 now of no real showering and bad hair day #4 was going well. I was standing next to our van waiting for Colin to finish up the tyres when a vehicle pulled up next to us...
yep you guessed it. The RFDS van with the "man" my ex boyfriend driving it. Well the embarrasing moment was about to happen. Yep I said hello, he gave me a big hug and wanted to know everything that had been going on in my life for the past 24 years (yes that long ago). All the time me trying to stand tall with no shower and a bad hair day to replace all bad hair days. He wanted to meet my family and friends and we had a great old chat.
Why is it that when you look your worst you bump into an old boyfriend LOL.
Anyway we are glad to be home but can't say I am glad to be in cold weather.
I hope you have all been well and I look forward to sharing more photo's and stories of our journey over the next few days/weeks.
Keep well... and warm
love me :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010

a quick hello

Just thought I would say a quick hello and to let you know we are having a fab time. Its been tough travelling around but someone has to do it LOL.
Any way time is runningout so I will say goodbuy for now.
keep well

love me :-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Road trip here we come...

This is it, the caravan is packed, the car is packed and we are ready to go.
Jayco Trip #32
Monkey Mia, Exmouth, Tom Price and Karajini National Park
21 days of go old fashion family camping fun.
I will miss you guys heaps but I will be back before you know it (stop moaning some of you).
I am really excited about the second half of this year and can't wait to get into some more crafting fun. I have heaps of fun things on "my craft to do" list so I hope you will join me for the ride. As you know my big crafting project this term was crochet and I have had so much fun leaning this new craft. Quilting was going to be my big project for term 3 but I may have to put this back until 4th term. So I need a new project for term 3... and I am thinking "baking", yes you heard me right so you can stop laughing now. I figure if I can crochet I must be able to bake right LMAO! Any it will be seriously fun trying.
Stay safe while I am gone
love me :-)