Friday, April 30, 2010

a little bit of knitting...

Photo from Dottie Angels
Wow what a wonderful day, I mean, not weather wise but just the fact that I am here, alive and well. Sounding a bit too much LOL. Sorry but its just been a great week, which followed a great weekend and it just keeps being great. This morning I went and had a coffee with my husband before he left for a boys weekend. While he is off doing the male bonding, living in the wild thing I will be relaxing at home. Tonight I am off the Tomorrow's Memories for a scrap night with my dear friend Sonya. Its been so long since we caught up so I am a little excited. Where are my kids going I here you say... they are spending the night at my Mums. Wahooooo I get a sleep in as well tomorrow. See I told you it was just getting better.
Right now I am sitting back doing a little knitting (my scarf) before I get the kids from school. Really life is just too damn good.
Have a good one.
love me :-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remember Venice...

I have had such an amazing weekend crafting, sewing (getting material), crocheting & knitting and last night I finally sat down and did some scrapbooking. I was hoping to share but the time got away from me today and I didn't get to take a photo yet. But I do have this layout that I did last week and completely forgot to share with you. Its using the new and very beautiful "travel" pattern papers from Creative Imaginations which I was lucky to get as my DT pack from Tomorrow's Memories. I was all set to use other photo's when I came across this old photo of me in Venice. I sat for ages staring at the photo and remembering the wonderful time I had there. I only spend three days in Venice but what a lovely three days it was. So I changed my mind (well its a girls right isn't it) and used this photo instead.
I did a little sewing, some distressing and painted some chipboard frames using Tim Holtz distress crackle paint. I love the subtle way it cracks, tiny but definate cracks. I then used a little ink over the top to highlight the cracks. I even delved into my stash and found some Tim Holts words. They were the perfect thing to finish off the layout.

And the title was done by my Slice Machine and some Collections words.
Hope you are all well and that your children enjoyed their first day back at school, although both of mine don't go back until tomorrow.
Enjoy your evening.
love me :-)

Monday, April 26, 2010

still having too much fun...

Are these just the cutest knitting needles you have ever seen. I got these very cute things at Woolly Lattes on Saturday.
They were part of the kit, you know the one that makes that very cute and must have latte woolley wrap.

You know that I am a sucker for cute packaging and this was just another one of those "oh my god this is way too cute" so I must have it.

But this morning I am so thrilled because I finished by crochet & vintage button necklace. I am so proud of myself... to think that last week I couldn't crochet.

So me being me has already ordered the flower crochet/vintage button necklace kit. Couldn't help myself.

So what am I doing now... knitting a scarf. Yep got this stuff on Saturday too during out field trip. Coming along quite nicely, a bit of a rough start, had to unpick and start again but then all good. Its actually a great way to occupy yourself while you are uploading photo's onto your blog LOL.

Yesterday was Anzac Day here in Perth. We had a lovely day which started with my Dad going on his Simulated Flight which we got him for a christmas/birthday gift. OMG if you need a gift for that hard to buy for man I thoroughly recommend this.

it was super huge fun and my Dad was just thrilled. This is my Dad flying over New Zealand... how cool we also went to Paris.

After his flight we went up to Kings Park for a picnic lunch. We walked up to the memorial and read all the wreaths that were placed there. It was very moving.
We then kicked back and enjoyed a very relaxing lunch.

As I said, still having too much fun... today we went for a 12km bike ride around the bridges. It was such a beautiful day... too beautiful to stay inside.
Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing long weekend. Back to work for me tomorrow but would you believe it... the kids get another day off.
Love me :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

its way more fun with friends...

I don't know where to begin, these last two days have been just amazing. Yesterday my dear, dear friends Linda, Susan and I went on our field trip to Calido & Ivy. It was going to be a morning out to choose fabric for our bag that we are going to be making in the next few weeks. We left home at 9am and got home after 2. I had never been to Calico & Ivy before but what a lovely shop and such beautiful fabric. Now I was excited and ready to choose my fabric. What I thought would be an easy ask took over an hour and to think I only needed to choose 2 pieces of fabric. Well I did it in the end but before leaving I had to check out the wool. Which is actually quite funny because I don't knit, but since when has that ever been a reason not buy something cute. Linda & I saw this scarf knitted out of a beautiful ribbon type wool and just had to have it. I can't knit I hear you say... just a minor detail.
We were having so much fun and couldn't find a reason why it had to end. Susan told us about another cute shop so off we went. The lovely Susan agreed to roll my newly purchased wool into a ball for me (which they didn't tell my I had to do until after I purchased it) which turned out to be a bigger job than first thought. But Susan had plenty of time as we got way lost on the way. After several u-turns, doubling back and finally ringing up to get the address we arrived at Wooly Lattes. I just love this shop. Its a cafe/wool shop, could life really be any more perfect. We order our coffees and lunch and while we waited the lovely susan (did I say how grateful I was for this ball rolling thing) finished rolling up my ball of wool.
And then my latte arrived (we all know how much I love my lattes) with this ever so cute wooly wrap. Could coffee really get any cuter.

The coffee not only looked great but tasted wonderful. And lunch, oh now that was yummy, very yummy.

After we had lunch we ventured off to look around the wool store. And what luck, they have a kit you can purchase with the latte cup, wool, the cutest needles ever and instructions to make the very cute latte wooly wrap. Well you can imagine how excited I was, I know I don't knit but thats just a little hurdle to overcome. Yep had to have the kit, Linda had to have one too LOL. As soon as I learn to knit I will share it with you.
And to our delight the shop next door "Paper Fusion" was just as adorable and the shop next to that... another cute fabric shop.
What a fantastic day. I got cute fabric to make my bag (and I don't sew), cute wool to knit a scarf (and I don't knit) and a kit to do some more knitting. Lots and lots of laughs and a chance to spend some time with great friends.
Today was another good day but its time for dinner and Merlin starts very soon.
Enjoy your evening.
love me :-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ta Daa... my crochet

I thought I would share a progress report on my little crochet project. I am still in shock that I have actually done it. And by done it I mean to leart and start to crochet. I have always wanted to know how to crochet so I am just a little bit excited. I am about a third of the way through and if I haven't said it already, I am loving every minute of it. Who would have thought that something so small could make me feel sooooo happy.
Another thing making me happy today is my field trip (I having been calling it a road trip. doh) to Calico & Ivy with my lovely friends Susan & Linda. Can't wait although I am a little nervious about the idea of making a bag. How funny... I do need a bag to my crochet LOL.
Have a great Saturday.
Love me :-)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Treasured Gift Tags

Today was my first class back at teaching for the Card Makers Tea Party and it was so great to be back. It was great to catch up with everyone and have a laugh and share news like we always do. We had some new faces today which was oh so fun and what a nice bunch of ladies they were. And morning tea was yummy as usual.
Today little project was a bunch of gift tags with a matching container (recycled from scrap product) which will make such a nice gift. It was a fun project and a great way to use up scraps.

My crochet is coming along just fine and will post a photo of my progress tomorrow... how exciting. Tomorrow is also my road trip to Calico & Ivy where I am sure I will part with much hard earned money.
Hope you have a great weekend and keep safe.
Love me :-)
sorry off now to do more... you guessed it crocheting.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can crochet... yippeeeeeeeeee!

I can crochet. Sorry but I am just so excited I had to share. After breaking my crochet "hook" (I was calling it a needle, dah silly me but thanks to a dear friend I am now using the correct term LOL), starting and unpicking several times then waking up with "crochet shoulder" (similar to tennis elbow) I have finally got success and the making of the necklace is coming on just perfectly. I hope to be able to share a picture or two (maybe 100's I am just so excited) tomorrow of my little project but in the meantime I found these on flickr and they are just too cute not to share.
Have a great Friday...
did I mention that I can crochet, wahoooooooo
love me :-)
little note: see Linda I did need a "label" for "crochet" LOL

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

let the crochet fun begin...

I was so excited yesterday when I went to the mailbox. My kit from Crescendo arrived and I couldn't wait to get started. Yes, you are right, I do have to learn to crochet first but that is a mere technicality. How cute is the packaging. Sorry about the photo's, I took them last night at about 10pm, I will try and take better ones tomorrow. Its all about the packaging you know, I am a complete sucker for cute packaging.
I pulled out all of my goodies and sat down ready to learn. It was late when I started but I was determined to get into it. The kit comes with a very cute bamboo hook, very strong i might add until I started to use it. Yes 5 mins into my learning I broke the crochet needle. Okay you can stop laughing now... I was devastated. Not to let that get the better of me I grabbed a crochet needle that I got last week to practice with while I was waiting for my kit, and got straight back into it. Well I started about 20 times, I would do a few stitches, make a mistake, pull it apart and start again. Although you might think that this would be disheartening, it was actually a cool learning process. Each time if got further and further, which meant I was learning. Cool hey!
Anyway at about 10.45pm, my eyes tired I decided it was time to walk away from the crochet to try again another day.
I didn't think I would enjoy the learning process so much.
Hope you are well
love me :-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

back in the class room...

Well today is my first day back at teaching at Tomorrow's Memories. I took a few months off to spend some time with my daughter and to help her settle into High School. The break was great for both my daughter and myself. It was a chance to help her and spend time with her and to make sure that her start in High School was a good one, and as it turned it was the best decision because the year so far has been great. Today's class is a gift set for Mothers Day. Can't wait to get back into and catch up with all the lovely ladies.On the subject of classes I wanted to let you know about a class that I will be teaching next Friday and I have just found out that there just a few spots left. Its a little set of gift tags presented in a very cute recycled container that would make the perfect gift for that special friend. Not into gift cards, don't let that stop you because these cute little tags would make the perfect embellisment for a card.
Check out the web site here for all the details.
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day.
love me :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

a new adventure...

My new adventure...
I am always looking for fun and funky things to delve into and this certainly caught my eye.
This is a very quirky book about how to look at things differently,
to see them in different light.
Its a fun way to look at scrapbooking differently.
Its not a scrapbooking book as such but by doing the quirky things inside and getting some helpful advice from BPS this should be something oh so fun!

I wanted to share this part in the book...
sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, movement, shape, texture, function, symbol, language (definition, words), subjectively, objectively, in comparison, contrast, negative space, symmetrically, colour, in parts, anecdotally (as a story), historically, artistically, scientifically, morally, diachronically (across time), synchronically (one point in time), metaphysically, contestually, culturally, politically, ritualistically, aesthetically, micro, macro, in mulitple, alone, 2D, 3D, abrstractedly, mythically, directionally, linearly, as a habitat, as device, lightheartedly, as a sign.
Can't wait for this adventure to start and I can't wait to share it with you.
love me ...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

miss these.............

I miss these yummy things soooooo much.
Why can't we have Easter every... Weekend.
I don't want to egg part just the yummy hot cross buns part.
Love me :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my new project...

OMG! is this seriously cute or what? I have just ordered it from Crescendo and I am just beaming with excitement. Its a crochet circle necklace with vintage buttons. The minute I saw this I just knew I had to have it, I can't crochet but that is just a wee problem that is not going to get in my way.
I have wanted to crochet for years, I have had several attempts but never been successful so my project for this next school term is to learn to crochet. Wahoooooo, can't wait.
Had a wonderful day with friends today, a little crafting and a whole lot of chatting, oh what fun. While I was letting them about my new crochet venture, a dear friend decided that I should learn to sew... a bag none the less. So the date has been set, April 24 is our field trip to purchase the fabric from none other that Calico Ivy. I am told this shop is to die for so I can't wait... a little nervous about the bag thing but oh well, whats another project.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays and cherishing these last few days before school goes back.
love me :-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

signing out...

I can't believe that one of the school holidays is over already. Its not fair, I want it to last longer. So as you can tell we are on school holidays here in Western Australia and thats reason I have not been blogging. And I haven't realy been doing much in the way of craft anyway but I finally got around to finishing this layout that I started a few weeks ago at a craft night with so of my favourite people. All I needed to do was add the journalling but that has taken several weeks but here it is and finally finished.
I am really keen to get my daughters last few days of primary school documented before I forget all the details. I love these photo's of Alex in her "signed" shirt. She had been hanging out for weeks for the day they were allowed to take in their shirts and go stupid getting them signed.

Again its a simple layout but all the details are there which is important.
Well I'm will sign off now, going to have a cuppa and a bit of quiet time, working the moonlight at Tomorrow's Memories tonight, so will need some energy. I haven't worked a moonlight in awhile and I am so looking forward to it. The regulars that attend the moonlight are such a nice bunch of ladies, and they know how to have a good laugh. Soooooo looking forward to seeing them again.
Keep enjoying the holidays, I know we are.
love me :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

cards, layout and jumping in...

Hope you all had a wonderful easter. I for one am sad to see it go because that means the end to hot cross buns. I know they are still in the shops and I could have bought up big and put them in the freezer but for me... if they are in the house I have to eat them. And eating them isn't so much the problem its more how much butter I have on them and how many I actually eat.
We have been quite busy over easter and I haven't been doing much in the way of craft but on Saturday arvo I really had the urge to create but didn't have alot of time. So I decided on these quick little cards. Just a simple stamp, a butterfly cut out using my Slice machine and a greeting ripped from an old dictionary. They are really simple but it was a little project that satisfied my crafting side.

I have also signed up to do an online class over at Big Picture Scrapbooking with Nic Howard. Yes the amazing Nic Howard and she is every bit amazing. Its only been 1 week and we have already learnt so much.

This is weeks 1 project. I really had so much fun doing this layout and was really pleased with the results.
and last but not least I wanted to share this (no so flattering) photo of me and my lovely children "jumping in" at Lake Lashenaultia. We went on Good Friday to spend some family time and boy did we have fun. When we arrived I saw the pontoon floating out there with kids jumping off and I instantly thought of the days when I was a kid and jumping off pontoons was just the best fun. I sat there and sat there thinking, I am too old for that stuff now and then I thought just get up and have a go. The kids looked at me kinda weird saying "are you really going to jump off mum". Well I jumped off... and just kept jumping off, it was sooooooo much fun. Then the kids joined me and we just kept having fun. We kept jumping off for over an hour, had a break for lunch and then back into again.
It was really fun. Just what I needed.
Hope your easter break was everything you wanted it to be and more.
love me :-)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

To all my lovely blog readers and their families,
I would like to wish you all
a very,
Happy Easter
and a side note: still eating my way through hot cross buns. LOL

Thursday, April 1, 2010

52msc #10

I know there isn't much to this page, but as I only had 30 mins to complete it (thats the challenge, complete a page in 30 mins) I didn't have much time left after doing my journalling. My son has a total fascination with Michael Jackson and when there DVD "this is it" was released a few weeks ago Josh insisted on getting it. We said he had to use his own money and he said thats what he had been saving it for. The whole day was taken up with this DVD and although I had no photo's I so desperately wanted to record the story. I didn't have any pictures of Michael Jackson so I just downloaded a photo from the net and included in my page. Then I just added brackets (Thickers) and a strip of paper. Very simple but the story is amazing and now I have it recorded.
If ever you have a story to tell but no photo, don't get discouraged. Just scrap the story anyway, its the story that you will forget in time to get it down to remember forever. The upside to no photo is that you get to embellish it anyway you want because you don't have to worry about matching it to a photo.
On another note, we are now officially on school holidays YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
are we happy, oh yes.
We are off to Maccas for dinner tonight... well we are on holidays.
Enjoy your night
love me :-)