Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paper, fabric, wool...

How are you all this fine, beautiful sunny Sunday. Isn't it just a glorious day.
I wanted to share this layout that I did a few days ago of my Mum & I that was taken on Mothers Day. Mum and I don't have photo's taken very often but I was determined on this day to have at least one good photo taken of us. My lovely husband was asked to do the honours and what a fantastic job he did. We got heaps of really good photo's of not just Mum & I but with my Brother and all the Grandkids as well.

I have used the new papers and embellishments from Basic Grey "cappella". The only thing that is not Basic Grey is the flowers. When I picked up the "take note" journalling blocks I thought they were just that, journalling blocks. But when I got home and opened the packet I realised that they were journalling blocks with matching transparencies. I was taken back at first because I had this idea in my head and transparencies weren't part of that picture. But after playing around a bit I liked the look of them just on their own.
I kind of liked the way they framed the photo. I did use the journalling blocks on another page using the same papers and embellishments and using other photo's from the day. The old Basic Grey alpha stickers I had just matched beautifully. It just came together all rather nicely.

On saturday I took my new "handmade" eco bag out shopping (had to make sure it was made well). Well let me tell you it worked a treat. And how good did I feel at Target when they said would you like to purchase a plastic bag... "no thanks, I have my own" was my reply and how good did I feel! Of course I felt great because I was saving the environment wink, wink, and how cute was it being saved LOL.

I was feeling a bit sad on Friday because I rang up to book myself in for my crochet class, beginner crochet class. But I had left it too late and it was full. The next class doesn't start until next term, which was way too late because my intention was to crochet all the way up to Exmouth and back in July.
I was sad but I wasn't going to let it beat me. My Mum had given me a learn to crochet book which she bought because the pictures and instructions were very clear and she thought would make it easy for me. The book however was aimed at children who wanted to learn to crochet. I put the book away because I was going off to do a class and wouldn't need it. This morning still feeling a little sad that I had missed my opportunity to learn to crochet I remembered this little book. So I found some very bright (practice) wool, got my hook, my glasses and book. It starts by explaining each stitch with a little project to go with it. So first I made a scrunchy, then learnt how to make a friendship bracelet, a scarf and then a granny square. I only did a little of each of the projects, unpicked it and carried on to the next project.

Well you can imagine my delight when after a little time I had started to crochet a granny square. It tell you what, this book might be aimed a young kids but the photo's and instructions are very clear and easy to follow. It must be because I can follow it LOL.
So I am off to Spotlight tomorrow to get my wool. Can you feel the excitement. Wahoooooo!
Enjoy what it left of the weekend.
love me :-)


suzitee said...

There really is no stopping you, is there? LOL...well done! Saw the LO at the shop yesterday, and it is just beautiful :)

Kris said...

Everytime i read your blog these days i cant help but laugh.. It just cracks me up!!
You seem so happy right now and it just shows in everything you do.
Love the layout and cant wait to see your next granny square... Only 1456 squares to go... ha ha ha

Linda said...

OMG Tracey is there no stopping you?Congratulations now i will be waiting to see some granny squares and the money you saved on the lessons you can now spend on the wool.