Friday, February 12, 2010

I just caught your lunch...

Tomorrow's Memories gave me this paper and asked me to do a layout. I wasn't sure at first because its not really my kind of pattern paper (not usually into themed stuff), however I remembered that I had some photo's of joshua catching his first fish while we were away at Moore River in January but wasn't sure of the colours. Well I need not have worried. He had his favourite "Ben 10" bathers on so the green was a perfect match.
I had quite a few extra photo's which were all good but just didn't fit on the page so I made a pocket. The pocket also holds more journalling.

The title was easy for this one. After we had finished fishing, Joshua wanted to take his fish and show some of our friends what he had caught. While walking over there he said to me "well aren't you going to thank me.
I was a bit baffled by the comment, so I said "what do I have to thank you for"
Joshua's quick replay "I just caught your lunch!"
He was right. It was a nice size and definately bit enough for my lunch. And it was very tasty too.
Thanks for stopping by. hope you are having a happy Friday.
love me :-)


Kris said...

Another great layout!!

texmorg said...

Here i was trying to work out what the title meant before i saw the LO. I had visions of a food fight and the kids trying to catch it, this is way better.And definately a photo that needed a LO done. Its bigger than any fish i have ever caught.