Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twiddleybitz DT blog challenge

Want to win some yummy Twiddleybitz. Head over to the Twiddleybitz DT Blog for all the info.

Lucky me got to pick the challenge for this month and here it is. You have to create something using fabric, stitching and of course some Twiddleybitz if you have it (if not thats ok). and this is my take on it.I create a card using fabric, stitching, crackle paint, buttons and of course a quote,. So if you want to win some nice goodies head on over to the DT blog.
Have a great night, love me :-)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Never stop learning

Right now I am learning. Learning lots of stuff. Yesterday I attended classes at Tomorrow's Memories taught by the amazing Audrey Underwood and Maxine Hazebrook. These projects were exquisite and oh so fun to do. The butterfly frame is probably my favourite and I just can't wait to hang it on the wall.
The dress form project was very technique based and it was so great to get my hands dirty and lots some great techniques. Besides there amazing talent they are lots of fun, so not only did we learn stuff but had a huge laugh along the way.

I love to learn and never want to stop learning. Quite often people seemed shocked when I say that I go to classes because I myself am a teacher. But I always say the same thing. I never want to stop learning, I never want to know it all. I want be continually growing in this craft and classes are the best way to do this. I also love it when I teach and a student passes on a tip they know about something. Love that.
Right now I am learning lots of stuff, I am learning how to doodle (which I hope to share soon), learning to scrap with fabric and learning how to look at my photo's differently.
So keep learning everyone and never be afraid to pass on your knowledge, no matter how small you think the tip is, to someone else it might be just the thing they were looking for.

Have a fab Sunday
love me :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pinjarra Mini album

Happy Thursday everyone, hope you are all well and if you live in Perth hope you are rugged up and nice and warm. We do need all this rain though.
Just wanted to share this little album that I made a few weeks ago about out weekend away in Pinjarra. As you know my family go away alot in our caravan so I have loads of mini albums. But I also have loads of holidays that I haven't scrapped yet. So I figured maybe the idea would be to make the album while I am waiting for the photos to be printed.
I went through the photo's on my computer that I was going to order so I could figure out how many pages my album needed. I then set about making this very simple, and I do mean simple mini album. I have written very lightly in pencil what photo is going to go on each page so that when I pick up my photo's all I have to do is just stick them in.

And add a little journalling. I have also put aside some of the scraps of paper and embellishments so that I can add some final touches, but nothing too much. And I used simple string to bind it all together.

I do find this a much easier approach, and because the album is done I am more likely to finish it off. In fact I just picked up my photo's yesterday so I am hoping to finish it off on the weekend.
Oh and for those of you wondering about the stamp on the front... I had that made several years ago and it gets stamped on every album or LO that I do about our holidays away in our caravan. Pinjarra was our 27th trip. We love going away in our van, so I thought it would be a great little thing to have our very own stamp made up.
Hopefully I can show some of the finished pages in a few days.
Enjoy your day love me :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Greeting card Giftset

Here is the project that I promised from yesterday. I continued my stamping theme using a Twiddleybitz chipboard piece.
I stamped the image on several ripped pieces of dictionary paper and then attached these to white tags. After I attached the tags to the cards I sewed around them.

To used buttons to keep the cover closed. I think the buttons add a very cute touch.
I made all the cards the same to give a unified look. I love the small white buttons int he centre of all the flowers, slightly different which just adds to the look.

I added inserts to each card, stamped the same image and then added a stamped sentiment.

This little project was fun I probably one of my favourites.
I love making giftsets, they are fun and make great presents.
Have a great day everyone.
Love me :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stamping Twiddleybitz style

He everyone one, hope your weekend was fab. I have a little project that I wanted to share with you. I have had in my head for some time to use the chipboard shapes as stamps and as it was so cold here in Perth yesterday I decided it was a good day to play and try my idea. I totally love how it turned out, even though it was just a practice pieces.
Its really easy, just paint the chipboard and stamp it onto your paper choice. After I stamped I painted the chipboard butterfly again and added it to the front of the card along with a quote, some buttons (they are another favourite at the moment) and some stitching.
I was so pleased with my myself that I kept on going and stamped some more with my Twiddleybitz chipboard. I have made a "Happy Birthday" card set which I will show you tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of the day, love me :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

sorting photo's

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. Well I survived the disco last night. And yes I did have a wine when I got home.
I arrived home at about 9.30, tucked the kids into bed and then poured myself a glass (very large) of wine and then hopped into the shower. Yes I took my wine into the shower. Well I desperately wanted a shower and I desperately wanted a wine, so I combined the two. Sorry isn't that what the soap holder thingy is for!!!
All I can say is try it, its well worth it. After my shower I put on my pj's,took the rest of my wine
and settle in front of the t.v. Very relaxing. I just wanted to share a little tip with you. Today I was sorting through some photo's, getting ready to scrap. I read this little tip ages ago and its brilliant. When I pick up my photo's I grab my staz on ink, an old date stamp and sit and date the back of my photo's. That way if I don't get to scrap them for several years I still know when I took them. It only takes a few minutes and it certainly makes scrapping them later easy. If you are like me, when you scrap and you don't know the date, you just so oh I will check that later and add it to the LO. Problem is I never get around to doing it and so alot of my layouts are without dates. This little tip helps.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Got some new Slice cartridges yesterday so can't wait to get playing.

Love me :-)

Friday, June 19, 2009

An enjoyable morning tea

Hi and a big thankyou to the ladies who came along to our 'Cardmakers Tea Party" class this morning. As usual we had a lovely bunch of ladies in to share morning tea with scones and some card making. These classes are always fun and I look forward to teaching them every month. Just finishing up my class sample for August & September (just a hint these will have a male theme) so look out for these. If you are not already on the email list at Tomorrow's Memories make sure you sign up so that when the class timetables are up you will be the first to know.

Well at the moment I have a pot of soup on the stove (yes, I am cooking so pick yourself up from the floor) & enjoying a cup of tea before getting ready to take my kids to their school disco tonight. Lucky me I get to go to two sessions my son's disco from 5.30 to 7.00 and then my daughters disco from 7.30 to 9.00. Hope my husband has that bottle of wine cracked open for when I get home, think I might be needing the odd glass to two.

Enjoy your evening. Its Friday, yippeeeeeeeee!
Have a good one (what ever that is for you) Love me :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Favourite TV shows

Good morning everyone. Yes, I know I haven't posted much again, sorry but getting my last lot of class stuff done for the next schedule. Yes we are planning classes for August/September. No wonder my year seems to be rushing by. We have our next staff meeting in two weeks and thats when we start planning Christmas. Not yet, please I am still getting over Easter, or was that Mothers day, no sorry... Christmas.Okay enough gibber. Just wanted to share the layout that we did on Monday night at the Me, Myself & I Create class. We did a layout all about our favourite TV shows. Okay so whats my favourite? On top of my list would have to be Desperate Housewives closely followed by Packed to the Rafters (stomp, stomp, yell, yell, when is this show coming back on. Enough already, its time it was back on). Biggest Loser is next and then Criminal Minds. Lately loving "whats good for you".
We played heaps with paint, doodling and made this very cute rosettes.
Okay, enough from me. Have a great day and only 1 more day till the weekend. Wahoooooo.
Love Me :-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's A Kinda Magic!

What a great night out. Last night we went to Burswood Theatre to see It's A Kinda Magic, tribute band to Queen. They rocked and the place rocked.
I am not really big on tribute bands but I must say this was great, and boy did it bring back some memories of days gone by. Lucky for us we had the back row (some people might think it unlucky), and at the Burswood Theatre no seat is really bad, but why were we happy about the back row... cause I could stand up and dance, scream and shout for the entire concert and not upset anyone behind me. You see I can't sit down at a concert, I am usually up dancing from the very first song and don't sit down till the end, Oh and I scream heaps. Wahoooooooooo!!!
Love, love screaming and dancing at a concert. The band played for over 2 hours so that meant I danced for over 2 hours, wahooooooooo!!!
We even got to meet the band at the end and lucky me got them to sign my T-shirt. Oh yeah I am a bit of a t-shirt/program kinda girl at any play/concert I see. Can't help myself LOL. Ha its only money?????
We went with our very good friends the Groombridges (Amanda, my bestie for over 22 years) and yes Amanda and I had a few wines (few too many as usual) and danced and sung our lungs out. Sooooo much fun.
Hope your weekend has been a great as mine so far. Enjoy the rest. Love me :-)

This little bit is from my other half, Colin. And he's 41.
"felt young in the crowd,"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A new Layout with my slice

Hi, hope everyone is happy today. Just wanted to share this layout that I did last night using my MM Slice machine. It made this layout so quick and easy. I used the fall/back to school cartridge with the new imaginisce papers.
The numbers down the side in black and the apple were cut using the slice.

Hope you have a great day.
Love me :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy 8 years

Its our 8th Wedding Anniversary today. Just wanted to share.

Get well card

This get well card is using some lovely Twiddleybitz, a few buttons, gauze, some old Making Memories paper and lots of hand stitching.
The greeting on the front is "only with winter-patience can we bring the deep desired, long awaited spring."
I am really into these nutural tones at the momebt and I just love gauze.
Have a great Monday love me :-)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I can see animals

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. My 48 hours is up so I can now move about. I didn't mind only being able to scrap for 2 days but by the end I was a little over it. Never mind I can now do the housework!!!!

I wanted to share a little project that I did a few months back but never posted. Not sure why but here it is now.
My son is in year 1 this year so that means he is learning to read. I wanted to help by making a fun little interactive book that I could change and add to later.And this is what I came up with, I can see animals story book. I used the Kaiser paper from a few month back which was coverd with animals. I thought of a book as soon as I saw these papers.
So I made up a little repetative story using the animals from the paper.

Then I made a little workbook. This is the bit that I can add to later. I used the Twiddleybitz scallop chipboard album. Painted it, covered in paper then add the line I can see, on each page. I also added pieces of velcro to each page.

I then cut out the same animals that I used in the story book, laminated them and added a piece of velcro at the back. I also typed the words of each animal and laminated those and added velcro as well.

The object is that my son can read the story book then have a go a finding the correct word for the picture. As seen below.

This book has been a big hit with my son. The great thing is that I can change the workbook by added different pictures and words. And I can make a new reading book anytime I like and add to this workbook.
It was great to finally share something creative with you.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Love me :-)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pinjarra Snippets

As promised, here are some pics from our weekend away last weekend. We went camping with our dear friends the Groombridges and we went to Pinjarra. The best thing about this spot was that we could have a campfire.
We hadn't been there long when the kids found a tree that could be made into the best hideout, actually according to them it was a hut. Anyway it was good see the kids out and about and doing normal kid stuff (not the electronic stuff i.e. Ds's, DVD's etc) the stuff we used to do all the time. They spent hours and hours down here having the best time.
And as I said earlier, the best bit was that we could have a campfire. There is nothing better than camping with a campfire.

Okay maybe there is something better about a campfire... cooking marshmallows. yum yum yum. Did I mention yum.

and lucky for us the weekend we went away was the weekend the Pinjarra Festival was on. There were street markets, food tasting and of course show bags. The kids like this food tasting the best. Now which one will I choos?????

Ah yes yummy bacon and eggs for breakfast. Simply the best thing on a Sunday morning while camping. This is my lovely husband doing the honours.

On our last night we decided to make damper for the kids. Instead of putting it in alfoil we wrapped the dough around the sticks and cooked them. The kids really loved doing this. But the best bit is when it is cooked you slide it off the stick and pour honey, jam or simply butter down the centre. Oh yes definately yum yum yum.

This doesn't help the diet any. Oh well we were on holidays!!!!!
Well I am still sitting, and more sitting only 24 hours to go. WOW thats 24 more hours to scrap. Wahoooooooo! Sorry bit I just got a little excited.
Have a great weekend. Love me :-)