Thursday, September 25, 2008

My week and collaborative update

Its been a busy week (whats new about that) for me. Staff meeting on Monday to discuss the next class schedule and to Welcome Evana Willis and Kristen Sparkes to our team. These ladies hare extremely talented and fab ladies to boot. Its going to be great working with them and getting to know them.

I did the excursion roster this week to AQUA with my sons pre-primary class. They had a ball but I can tell you it was nice to get back home, make a cuppa, put my feet up and turn on Oprah. Yes, I will admit that I just love Oprah, but I haven't watched one of her shows for about and year and half so it was nice to just sit and watch.

Before I knew it Wednesday was here and it was back to work. Lucky I love my job so much. And today back at work but we got a new shipment of "Thickers" in so it was fun looking at them.

I checked the Collaborative site and its been updated showing my bit that I added. I have now passed in onto Evana Willis for her to have a play with. Can't wait to see what she does with it.

Keep checking the collaborative blog to see the progress, it will be great to watch it grow as people from all over the place add their bit.

Have a great Friday


Kris said...

Gee you're too kind saying those nice things about me... ha ha ha... How much do i owe you??

Have a good day at work!!

Tracey said...

You owe me heaps. Na just kidding, its great to have you working with us. There will be lots of fun times ahead i'm sure. Have a great class today.